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Egg Carton Lights

One of my roommates made a joke that when she returned home from Thanksgiving break, that I’d greet her at the door in a tacky Christmas sweater and that the house would be completely decorated with holiday spirit. To her “dismay”, it wasn’t. I have no Christmas sweaters, and since I’ve moved to school… no holiday decorations other than one strand of the most basic lights one could imagine. I may not be covering the house in fake snow or setting up a nativity scene on the kitchen table, but I am combining kitchen and Christmas in true Broke College Girl fashion. This cost me nothing, and if I wanted to leave it up all year I don’t think many people would roll their eyes at my year long holiday spirit.
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Last Minute Costumes

Today my kitten and I are looking around the web for last minute costumes, cheap costumes.


Mr. Kate!

Little Miss Momma!


C.R.A.F.T. !


If all else fails: Don’t shower, wear the clothes at the bottom of your dirty laundry, write on a piece of cardboard and go as a bum. When you’re walking home, stand on the corner for a few extra minutes and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll make a few bucks.



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Stumble is a girl’s best friend

Yes, yes, I have started stumbling. In between study breaks and projects I have been reading and exploring the addiction that is StumbleUpon! Continue reading

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Floral Lampshade

If there are two things I love in this world, they’re flowers and Goodwill.

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Look ma, no piiiins

Too broke for ponytail holders? Everyone has pens.

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Broke doesn’t last forever

To me, being broke means contemplating selling my body on Wednesday Amateur Nights, selling one of my kidneys on the black market or asking people how much they’d give me to eat something unidentifiable that’s been tucked in a dark corner of the fridge for three weeks. Continue reading

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Nebula Nails

Let’s combine an overabundance of nail polish and space dreams for a second or two…
I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of nails like this, and when I sat down to actually do it all, I realized it was actually super simple. A good black polish, a dotting tool and a sponge do wonders. Continue reading

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Egg-celent Afternoon Grub

My roommates and I keep our fridge fairly stocked majority of the time. Mid-month, like today, after rent and utilities have been freshly paid, our pockets are typically not overflowing with green paper.  Today, as per usual, we are down to the bare necessities. All I’m thinking is, “how can I make something decent to eat with very few groceries?” Something more nutritional than pizza rolls, that would satisfy my hunger, and not take twenty minutes to make.


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Who else needs some cute wall decoration? Here’s a simple (and not-so-expensive) way to gain counter space. Continue reading
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