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Beer Bread

Let’s be real here. I’m in college and I do drink beer from time to time.  Now, me and beer… we haven’t exactly always been friends. Only recently have I found that beer has more power than aiding me in drunk texting, falling asleep on the toilet and telling awful jokes to strangers, etc etc, and this may be my college mindset, but beer can actually be used for a multitude of things other than embarrassing myself every weekend. Continue reading

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Egg-celent Afternoon Grub

My roommates and I keep our fridge fairly stocked majority of the time. Mid-month, like today, after rent and utilities have been freshly paid, our pockets are typically not overflowing with green paper.  Today, as per usual, we are down to the bare necessities. All I’m thinking is, “how can I make something decent to eat with very few groceries?” Something more nutritional than pizza rolls, that would satisfy my hunger, and not take twenty minutes to make.


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