Egg Carton Lights

One of my roommates made a joke that when she returned home from Thanksgiving break, that I’d greet her at the door in a tacky Christmas sweater and that the house would be completely decorated with holiday spirit. To her “dismay”, it wasn’t. I have no Christmas sweaters, and since I’ve moved to school… no holiday decorations other than one strand of the most basic lights one could imagine. I may not be covering the house in fake snow or setting up a nativity scene on the kitchen table, but I am combining kitchen and Christmas in true Broke College Girl fashion. This cost me nothing, and if I wanted to leave it up all year I don’t think many people would roll their eyes at my year long holiday spirit.


Christmas Lights
As many empty egg cartons as you can find

Start by marking lines down the center of where the eggs sit, like such, and cutting along them.

After that, draw the petal shapes on the individual egg pods. I lucked out with this egg carton, where the petals were already designed for me!

Now cut apart each egg pod
Cut off the excess carton above the petals (the smaller the scissors the better; i.e. sewing scissors)

Some cartons come with holes in the bottom already, others you’ll have to poke a hole through with the tip of your scissors. Attach by putting each flower onto a single light.
The only difficult part is finding enough egg cartons to have a flower for each light!
Happy Decorating! -BCG

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