Broke doesn’t last forever

To me, being broke means contemplating selling my body on Wednesday Amateur Nights, selling one of my kidneys on the black market or asking people how much they’d give me to eat something unidentifiable that’s been tucked in a dark corner of the fridge for three weeks. More so, it means trying to be independent from my parents, not asking for money, and figuring things out on my own.

Being broke can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask. Everyone has been in this position (or at least I like to think I’m not the only one) where it’s only a week after your last paycheck, and already you used the majority of it on rent, utilities, gas, food and that ten dollars your roommate lent you two weeks ago. Am I the only one who has gone to the extent of couch-surfing for enough pennies (quarters if I’m lucky) to go buy paper towels and milk for the house?

I try so hard to save money! I ride my bike nearly everywhere to save on gas expenses, I clip coupons, shop generic and I also am a frequent buyer at the dollar store. What’s the secret?

There are, however, a few perks to being so broke and so young. I don’t spend money one things that aren’t necessities. I don’t really need that record player I saw at Goodwill, and that chai from the coffeehouse can wait.  Instead of wasting so much gas going to and from school so frequently, I ride my bike. In doing so, I’ve actually been more physically active and energy is more easily attainable nowadays. And let me tell you, having only a few staple ingredients to make dinner with calls for an extra tablespoon of creativity. Being low on money has molded me into a more resourceful independent.

I know this will all seem silly in ten years, but right now having $400 to my name is amazing. Sometimes it’s extremely frustrating being on your own at 20 years old, but I’m making it work, even if it means recycling my own clothes, eating apples that have a couple bruises and picking up all the extra pennies I see on the ground.

Being broke to me means appreciating what you do have, and using it to it’s full potential; pushing yourself to your full potential.

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