Nebula Nails

Let’s combine an overabundance of nail polish and space dreams for a second or two…
I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of nails like this, and when I sat down to actually do it all, I realized it was actually super simple. A good black polish, a dotting tool and a sponge do wonders.
Here’s what you need:

  • Multiple Polishes; You’ll want to have a basic black, a white, a few lighter colors, and anything with sparkles.
  • Sponge (dollar store)
  • Dotting Tool (got mine at Sally Beauty Supply for around $3), however the end of a Bobby pin works just fine
  • Something to drop color on (it won’t come off), I used the top of a butter tub

Blast off!!!!!!

Start with a thin coat of base coat on all nails.

Next, a thin coat of black.

Don’t worry if you get it all over the edges, I’ve got a super easy way to correct imperfections at the bottom of this post.

Now, drip a few drops of one of your polishes on your lid. Lightly dip a corner of your sponge into the wet paint, and apply across the nail but be careful not to cover the whole thing.

I recommend to alternate between dark and light colors. I decided on a silver first.

If you don’t have a color you want, make your own with the polishes you do have.

Drip them on your lid and swirl with a toothpick before sponging.

Sponge on a few different colors, one on top of another, but making sure to keep some of the black background visible.

Once you’ve got a nebula-like pattern forming, let your nails dry for a few minutes.

Dip your dotting tool (or bobby pin) in white polish. For stars, make some arbitrary dots into your nebula pattern. Try making some smaller, some bigger, and spreading them out.

For even smaller stars, once your white dots have dried completely, apply a very thin coat of a slightly shimmery glitter polish.

Add a clear top coat, fix your edges and you’re all finished!


-Always use a base coat and top coat. Base coat protects your nail from staining, and also keeps your polish on longer. Top coat protects the nail from damage and from chipping.

-To fix edges, wrap some cotton around the tip of an orange-wood stick.  Dip the tip in remover and you can literally erase all the little mistakes you made when you’re all finished. -Keep your coats thin! The thinner they are, the faster they dry and the more likely they won’t smudge as they’re drying.

There you have it! The cheapest stellar manicure you’ll ever get, and you did it yourself. -BCG

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