Egg-celent Afternoon Grub

My roommates and I keep our fridge fairly stocked majority of the time. Mid-month, like today, after rent and utilities have been freshly paid, our pockets are typically not overflowing with green paper.  Today, as per usual, we are down to the bare necessities. All I’m thinking is, “how can I make something decent to eat with very few groceries?” Something more nutritional than pizza rolls, that would satisfy my hunger, and not take twenty minutes to make.



  • two eggs
  • two slices of bread
  • salt & pepper
  • oil

Eggs are a good source of protein! Eggs are a healthy snack to have mid-day to satisfy your hunger for the time being, and hold you over until supper.

Start by adding setting your burner to medium heat and adding about half a tablespoon of oil.

Next, press the rim of your glass firmly into the center of your bread. twist it back and forth lightly, and then peel out the circle, looking like this:

I unfortunately am lacking in the cookie-cutter department, but I’ve seen this done with hearts and stars and reindeer, too. Try some different shapes out, make a cool snack even cooler.

And now for the “over-hard” part (the egg puns really are eggciting…).

Lay your bread in the pan, crack your egg on the side and let it fall right into the “basket”. Don’t walk away! Only cook this side for about a minute, then flip it. One thing I learned fast is that the bread toasts much quicker than the egg cooks. If you’re like me, the whole egg MUST be solid, all the way through. This takes a little longer and your toast may be a little more well done than you like, just adjust your burner to a lower heat, cook on the other side for the same time until your egg is as cooked as you like it.

Looks pretty good huh? The age-old of  dilemma of cold toast and warm eggs will forever be solved; cook them at the same time and everything is perfect!

Now you’re ready to dig in. Add your salt and pepper and start chewin. Happy Eats- BCG

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