Who else needs some cute wall decoration? Here’s a simple (and not-so-expensive) way to gain counter space.

  • Old Picture Frame (check garage sales and thrift stores)
  • Sheet Metal (NOT Aluminum) I found mine at Lowe’s for under $5
  • Magnets/sheet of self-adhesive magnetic tape, from any craft store
  • Glue/Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Tin Snips
  • Fabric (the thinner the better) enough to cover the space inside the picture frame

Start by disassembling your picture frame, and tracing the cardboard insert onto your sheet metal. I used scissors, which was a HORRIBLE IDEA, but when you’re a broke college kid, you have to make do. Just spring the extra few bucks for some tin snips, or borrow your dad’s.

The edges of metal you’re not using will curl up or down when cutting, so be super careful!

 If you’d like, you can cover your metal sheet with fabric. I found that the thinner the fabric the better, so that the metal and magnet still has a strong pull. However, if you chose not to use any fabric to be inside the frame it will still be just as functional.
If you have the choice of a few different patterns, try them all out inside the frame before cutting, it’s much easier and saves a lot of time.

I, of course, chose the floral one.
Once you’ve decided on a fabric, trace around the back of it. Leave at least an inch (or 3 cm) so that you can wrap it around the back.
Cut your fabric.

Make sure there aren’t any wrinkles under your fabric, and start gluin’ to the metal sheet.

It should look like this as soon as you’re finished gluing.
Put all the pieces back in the frame without the glass insert.
This is what the finished frame should look like! Cute eh?
Cut your magnetic tape, peel off the backing, and put it on the bottom of your makeup.
Finished Product should be similar to this:
Comments? Questions? Good luck! -BCG
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4 thoughts on “DIY MAKEUP BOARD

  1. Allison Lloyd says:

    You are awesome girl!! Can’t wait to try some of this stuff out.

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